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Preturi Sony Ericsson
17 oferte de la 273,00 RON
"Amplificator cu 4-3-2 Canale, Putere Maxima de IeSire 4x100W sau 2x260W ( RMS - 4x50W sau 2x130W) , Filtru Variabil LPF 50-200Hz, Filtru Variabil HPF 50-200 ...
Sony Ericsson Preturi
Pret Blue Tech ma-200
1 oferte de la 899,00 RON
Amplificator profesional Blue Tech Ma-200
Blue Tech ma-200 Preturi
Pret Blue Tech ma-300
1 oferte de la 999,00 RON
Amplificator profesional Blue Tech Ma-300
Blue Tech ma-300 Preturi
Preturi Pioneer A-209R
4 oferte de la 729,00 RON
amplificator 60W x 2, Continuous Power output 20 & mdash; 20,000 Hz, 4 ?,,? (2x45W), Continuous Power output 20 & mdash; 20,000 Hz, 8 ?,,? (2x35W) Alte ...
Pioneer A-209R Preturi
Preturi Harman Kardon HK 980
4 oferte de la 1.849,00 RON
2 x 80W Stereo Integrated AmplifierSuperlative two-channel music reproduction is the toughest test of an audio component, and the new Harman Kardon & reg; HK ...
Harman Kardon HK 980 Preturi
Preturi Onkyo a-9155
2 oferte de la 1.100,00 RON
A-9155, amplificator integrat, este un exemplu superb de design audio axat pe cerintele utilizatorilor.
Onkyo a-9155 Preturi
Preturi Ayon Audio ii
5 oferte de la 415,80 RON
GENERALFull-featured single-ended vacuum tube stereo integrated amplifier SE - pure Class-A triode vacuum tube-circuit design 6C33 Power output tubes ( Russia ) ...
Ayon Audio ii Preturi
Preturi Harman Kardon HK 990
4 oferte de la 5.821,20 RON
2.2 Stereo Integrated amplifier, 2 x 150W RMS (FTC, 8 Ohms), 100 amps high current capability, RLS IV decoding circuitry, USB input, EzSet/EQTM room ...
Harman Kardon HK 990 Preturi
Pret Magnat pe lampi rv1
1 oferte de la 7.814,00 RON
Amplificator pe lampi Magnat RV1
Magnat pe lampi rv1 Preturi
Preturi Nad C375BEE
5 oferte de la 4.557,00 RON
FeaturesThe C 375BEE is fully remote controlled and comes supplied with the NAD SR 8 system remote control. The remote control features an ergonomic form, with ...
Nad C375BEE Preturi
Preturi Pioneer A-109R
3 oferte de la 659,00 RON
amplificator 40W x2, Continuous Power output 20 & mdash; 20,000 Hz, 8 ?,,? (2x30W) Alte caracteristici: Twin Mono Symmetrical ConstructionLarge ...
Pioneer A-109R Preturi
Replacement electret headband microphone Stage Line HSE-821SX
Stage Line electret headband hse-821sx Preturi
Pret Nad c315bee
1 oferte de la 1.039,00 RON
Budget. Reference. PowerNAD has an enviable reputation for creating some of the best performing budget amplifiers of all time. The lineage is impressive, all ...
Nad c315bee Preturi
Pret Sherwood AX-5103
1 oferte de la 869,00 RON
To that end, Sherwood continues to be guided by one simple enduring philosophy: design audio gear that offers only the highest levels of performance and make ...
Sherwood AX-5103 Preturi
Pret Marantz PM7003
1 oferte de la 1.940,00 RON
Delivering 2 x 70 watts into 8 ohms, this amplifier features symmetrical circuits for perfect image balancing, and uses high-grade audio components and current ...
Marantz PM7003 Preturi
Preturi Crown cts600lite
2 oferte de la 5.823,50 RON
Amplificator Crown CTS600LITE
Crown cts600lite Preturi
Pret Marantz PM8003
1 oferte de la 3.200,00 RON
Marantz experts have reshaped the PM8003 & rsquo;s power handling characteristics, delivering a new circuitry topology powered by a large, bespoke toroidal ...
Marantz PM8003 Preturi
Preturi Yamaha a-s1000
8 oferte de la 4.199,00 RON
Floating balanced power ampThree parallel volume and tone controlsFour large capacity power supplies for power ampShunt-type local regulators for ...
Yamaha a-s1000 Preturi
Pret Stage Line sta-500
1 oferte de la 797,47 RON
Amplificator Stage Line STA-500
Stage Line sta-500 Preturi
Pret Blue Tech h-2000
1 oferte de la 1.750,00 RON
Amplificator profesional Blue Tech H-2000
Blue Tech h-2000 Preturi
Pret System Fidelity SA250
1 oferte de la 869,40 RON
Amplificator stereo integratPutere iesire:+ 2x60w la 4 ohmi+ 2x80w la 8 ohmiPanou frontal de aluminiuFrecventa de raspuns: 10Hz-63kHz (-3dB)Raport semnal - ...
System Fidelity SA250 Preturi
Pret Pioneer A-109
1 oferte de la 719,90 RON
Output Power per Channel 40W Number of Channels 2 Input Connections CD, Phono, Tape 1, Tape 2, ...
Pioneer A-109 Preturi
Noua serie System Fidelity 270 - design si performante crescute, pretul este singurul mentinut la nivel accesibil, mult sub nivelul de pret de pe piata pentru ...
System Fidelity SA-270 Preturi
Preturi Pioneer PDX-Z9
2 oferte de la 1.949,00 RON
Output Power per Channel & nbsp; 50W,Number of Channels & nbsp; 2, Input Connections & nbsp; 1 x Line, 1 x Phono, 1 x iPod, 1 x LAN, 1 x USB (front-in), 1 x ...
Pioneer PDX-Z9 Preturi
Pret Cambridge 650A
1 oferte de la 2.255,00 RON
The new Azur 650A focuses on our most closely guarded principles explosive sonic performance, incredible value and timeless design. Whatever music youre ...
Cambridge 650A Preturi
Unlike the budget stereo amplifiers, the Sherwood AX-5103 is designed and built in-house with the same quality and attention to detail we have been bringing to ...
Mission Sherwood AX-5103 Preturi
Pret Cambridge 540a v2
1 oferte de la 1.200,00 RON
Caracteristici tehnice: Putere iesire: 60 Watts into 8 Ohms 90 Watts into 4 Ohms ...
Cambridge 540a v2 Preturi
Preturi Magnat MA800
7 oferte de la 4.439,00 RON
Amplificator full-stereo cu intrare phono si preamplificator pe lampi arhitectura preamplificator dual-mono pe lampi (doua triode dubel tip ECC82) lampi ...
Magnat MA800 Preturi
Preturi Marantz PM5003
2 oferte de la 1.200,00 RON
The PM5003 opens the new range of Marantz integrated amplifiers and offers music lovers high sound quality and flexibility. A phono MM input doesn & rsquo;t ...
Marantz PM5003 Preturi
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